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ODD HOURS with CHUNKY GOMEZ Summer playlists '08

Yo, ye. During the Summer months, when students are not around as much for their regular radio shows at the beautiful downtown Stony Brook campus of the the State University of New York radio station that is the glorious WUSB,(and I don't have to be in to work quite as early!,) I have the privelage of donning the cap of my alter ego, one CHUNKY GOMEZ. This time around, the show ran alternating Tuesday morns, 3 am to 6:30 am, and was called ODD HOURS. I dedicated each show to a specific artist, and featured whatever I felt were my favorites of the moment from their catalogs. As we have a new under-development website for the station, the guarantee that the playlists from these little golden nuggets of radio history will be able to be accessed from the site is shaky at best. I therefore offer you, dear listener, the virtual rosetta stone for the rubrik that has been ODD HOURS with CHUNKY GOMEZ, the Playlists:

July 8th, 2008

artist/cut/album *-new

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/Stagger Lee/Murder Ballads
The Birthday Party/Friend Catcher/Hits
Grinderman/No Pussy Blues/Grinderman
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/We Call Upon The Author/Dig, Lazarus!!! Dig!!!*
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/Deanna/Live Seeds
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/Jangling Jack/Let Love In
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/Scum/b-sides & rarities
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/The Mercy Seat/Tender Prey
The Birthday Party/Nick The Stripper/Hits
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/O'Malley's Bar/Murder Ballads
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/Saint Huck/From Her To Eternity
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/By The Time I Get To Phoenix/Kicking Against The Pricks
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/People Ain't No Good/The Boatman's Call
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/Today's Lesson/Dig, Lazarus!!! Dig!!!*
Grinderman/Honey Bee (Let's Fly To Mars)/Grinderman
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/Brother, My Cup Is Empty/Henry's Dream
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/Thirsty Dog/Let Love In
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/Rye Whiskey/b-sides & rarities
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow/No More Shall We Part
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/Bring It On/Nocturama
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/Hiding All Away/Abattoir Blues
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/Into My Arms/The Boatman's Call
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/Red Right Hand/Let Love In
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/The Ship Song/The Good Son
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/Papa Won't Leave You, Henry/Henry's Dream
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/Moonland/Dig, Lazarus!!! Dig!!!*
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/Lime-Tree Arbour/The Boatman's Call
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/All Tomorrow's Parties/Kicking Against The Pricks
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/There She Goes, My Beautiful World/Abattoir Blues
Nick Cave & Shane MacGowan/What A Wonderful World/What A Wonderful World (single)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/Death Is Not The End/Murder Ballads
Nick Cave/Rainy Night In Soho/What A Wonderful World (single)
Nick Cave/Suzanne/Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man (sntrk)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/God Is In The House/No More Shall We Part
Johnny Cash/I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry/American IV: The Man Comes Around
Shane MacGowan/Lucy (Version #2) /What A Wonderful World (single)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/Breathless/The Lyre of Orpheus
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/Lay Me Low/Let Love In

July 22nd, 2008



Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band/Hot Head/Doc at the Radar Station
"/Safe As Milk/Strictly Personal
"/I'm Gonna Booglarize You, Baby/The Spotlight Kid
"/Sure Nuff Yes I Do/Safe As Milk
"/Frownland/Trout Mask Replica
"/Lick My Decals Off Baby/Lick My Decals Off, Baby
"/Ashtray Heart/Doc At The Radar Station
"/Floppy Boot Stomp/Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)
"/Ice Cream For Crow/Ice Cream For Crow
"/Tarotplane/Mirror Man Sessions
"/Spitball Scalps A Baby/.....
"/The Dust Blows Forward & The Dust Blows Back/Trout Mask Replica
"/Zig Zag Wanderer/Safe As Milk
"/Ella Guru/Trout Mask Replica
"/I Love You, You Big Dummy/Lick My Decals Off, Baby
"/Blimp/Trout Mask Replica
"/Beatle Bones & Smokin' Stones/Strictly Personal
"/Pachuco Cadaver/Trout Mask Replica
"/Low Yo Yo Stuff/Clear Spot
"/Tropical Hot Dog Night/Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)
"/Ant Man Bee/Trout Mask Replica
"/I Wanna Find A Woman That'll Hold My Big Toe Till I Have To Go/Lick My Decals Off, Baby
"/She's Too Much For My Mirror/Trout Mask Replica
"/The Host The Ghost The Most Holy-O/Ice Cream For Crow
"/Hobo Chang Ba/Trout Mask Replica
"/When It Blows It Stacks/The Spotlight Kid
"/Alice In Blunderland/The Spotlight Kid
"/Dropout Boogie/Safe As Milk
"/25th Century Quaker/Mirror Man Sessions
"/Run Paint Run Run/Doc At The Radar Station
"/Grow Fins/The Spotlight Kid
"/Hey Garland, I Dig Your Tweed Coat/Ice Cream For Crow
"/Pena/Trout Mask Replica
"/There Ain't No Santa Claus On The Evening Stage/The Spotlight Kid
"/Bat Chain Puller/Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)
"/Big Eyed Beans From Venus/Clear Spot
"/Sue Egypt/Doc At The Radar Station
"/Long Neck Bottles/Clear Spot
"/Gimme Dat Harp, Boy/Mirror Man Sessions
"/China Pig/Trout Mask Replica
"/Candle Mambo/Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)
"/Call On Me/Safe As Milk
"/Evening Bell/Ice Cream For Crow
"/Blabber n' Smoke/The Spotlight Kid
"/Well/Trout Mask Replica
"/When Big Joan Sets Up/Trout Mask Replica

August 5th, 2008

SPACE IS THE PLACE! Chunky's favorite Sun Ra joints!


MC5/Starship/Kick Out The Jams
Sun Ra/Lanquidity/Lanquidity
"/Other Planes Of There/Other Planes Of There
"/Mayan Temples/Of Mythic Worlds
"/Outer Nothingness/The Heliocentric Worlds Of Sun Ra, vol 1
"/India/Super-Sonic Jazz
"/Walking On The Moon/My Brother The Wind, vol 2
"/Kosmos In Blue/Art Forms Of Dimensions Tomorrow
"/Space Mates/Fate In A Pleasant Mood
"/Blue Delight/Blue Delight
"/Outside The Time Zone/The Night Of The Purple Moon
"/Voice Of Space/Cosmic Tones For Mental Therapy
"/But Not For Me/Holiday For Soul Dance
"/Where Pathways Meet/Lanquidity
"/The Nile/When Sun Comes Out
"/Of Mythic Worlds/Of Mythic Worlds
"/Sunology/Super-Sonic Jazz
"/Sunrise/Blue Delight
"/Pleasure/Other Planes Of There
"/Otherness Blue/My Brother The Wind, vol 2
"/Twin Stars Of Thence/Laquidity
"/Body And Soul/Holiday For Soul Dance
"/Early Autumn/Holiday For Soul Dance

August 19th, 2008

All JANDEK, all the time!!


Jandek/Naked In The Afternoon/Ready For The House
"/Painted My Teeth/Modern Dances
Thurston Moore/Painted My Teeth/Naked In The Afternoon: A Tribute To Jandek
Jandek/Harmonica/Blue Corpse
"/Phillip Was Mentioned/Graven Image
"/You Took Me For A Ride/When I Took The Train
"/It's Your House/Put My Dream On This Planet
"/I Hadn't Been There Before/The End Of It All
"/Part Six/Manhattan Tuesday
"/Too Course/The Myth Of Blue Icicles
"/If I Waited Twenty Hours/What Else Does Time Mean
"/Point Judith/Six And Six
"/Left The Beach Last Sunday/Nine-Thirty
"/Slinky Parade/The Living End
"/Janky/Graven Image
"/Native Land/Twelfth Apostle
"/The World Away/I Threw You Away
"/Part Six/Glasgow Monday
"/You Wanted To Leave/Khartoum
"/You Wanted To Leave/Khartoum Variations
"/Honey/Follow Your Footsteps
"/Quinn Boys II/You Walk Alone
"/You Standing There/The Beginning
"/The Slow Burn/The Door Behind
"/These Kokomos/Glasgow Friday
"/Oh Jenny/Later On
"/Know Thyself/Ready For The House
Low/Carnival Queen/Naked In The Afternoon: A Tribute To Jandek
Jeff Tweedy/Crack A Smile/Down In A Mirror: A Second Tribute To Jandek
Bright Eyes/Have You Ever Heard Of Jandek?/Naked In The Afternoon: A Tribute To Jandek
Tony Weeks/Jandek Tribute 1/Raining In Nashville
Jandek/House Of The Rising Sun/Blue Corpse
Indian Jewelry/Partying With Jandek/Invasive Exotics

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Great playlists! I especially enjoyed this one. Do you have any Jandek album links you could share? I would really appreciate it. Thanks