Wednesday, February 27, 2008

FINN'S REVOLUTION! 2/26/08 playlist and spiel


Beastie Boys/The Mix-Up/Suco de Tangerina
Soft Machine/Third/Moon in June
Radiohead/In Rainbows/Nude
Karomoko/Authenticite: The Syliphone Years/Camayenne Sofa
Animal Collective/Strawberry Jam/Cuckoo Cuckoo

Interview with Dowling Loft Theater's Artistic Director ANDREW KARP, unbelievably great performance by musicians from THE EPIC OF SUNJATA: griot singer/guitarist ABDOULAYE "DJOSS" DIABATE and guitarist DAVID RACANELLI. Performance will be available permanently on this page shortly. In the meantime, check the WUSB archive this week. Show starts 2/29 at Dowling College's Loft Theater in Oakdale (Idle Hour),
Pic above, l-r: Andrew, Abdoulaye, David @ WUSB


Fela Kuti/Unknown Soldier/Unknown Soldier
Freddie McKay/Studio One Roots, vol 3/(I'm) A Free Man
Cat Power/Jukebox/Lost Someone
Tom Jones/Definitive/It's A Man's Man's Man's World
Chi-Lites/Black Power: Music Of A Revolution/(For God's Sake) Give More Power To The People
The Frames/The Cost/Falling Slowly
Roy Brown/Roots Of Rock And Roll 1946-1954/Boogie At Midnight
The Executioners/Garage Beat '66, vol 1/I Want The Rain

Animal Collective by request for Jeff, Frames for Susan, thanks Debbie & Sean for the calls too, congrats to Maria who won tickets for The Epic of Sunjata.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

FINN'S REVOLUTION! 2/26 preview

As it says on the WUSB site, I'm gonna completely fake an encyclopedic knowledge of West African culture with the Dowling College Loft Theater's Andrew Karp. LIVE tunes featuring griot Abdoulaye "Djoss" Diabate, Fomoro Dioubate, Andy Algire and David Racanelli from the Loft's EPIC OF SUNJATA, (no, NOT Sanjaya! That's another epic...), which opens on the 29th @ Dowling in Oakdale. Looks like this'll be a filmed event, so I might have to wear pants.
Info/tickets to the show:

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

MIDNIGHT INVASION playlist 2/20/08

fillin' in for Rochelle........midnite to 3......
...absolutely no new cuts, (with the near exception of the Babalola), and kind of an old school BLACK HISTORY MONTH jernt...


Chuck Berry/The Great 28/Memphis
Allen Toussaint/Collection/Night People
Jimi Hendrix Experience/Electric ladyland/Voodoo Chile
Nina Simone/Best/Wild Is The Wind
Billy Preston/Best/Will It Go Round In Circles
Isley Brothers/Black Power:Music of a Revolution/Fight The Power (Pt 1)
James Brown/Star Time/Talkin' Loud and Sayin' Nothin'
Hot Chocalate/Every 1s a Winner/Brother Louie
Cassandra Wilson/New Moon Daughter/Death Letter
Charles Mingus/Blues and Roots/Moanin'
James Cotton/Best of Verve Years/Down At Your Buryin'
Charley Patton/Screamin' and Hollerin' the Blues/Down The Dirt Road
John Lee Hooker/Hooker/Democrat Man
King Sunny Ade/King of JuJu/Ja Funmi
Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers/Funk Party/Bustin' Loose Pt 1
Lekan Babalola/Songs of Icon/Asokere (IG Culture remix)
Count Basie/Best/One O'Clock Jump
Love/Forever Changes/And MoreAgain
Curtis Mayfield/Best/Freddie's Dead
Lucky Dube/Respect/Celebrate Life
DJ Shadow/The Outsider/Broken Levee Blues
Meshell Ndegeocello & Yerba Buena/Red Hot & Riot/Gentelmen
Fela Kuti/Original Sufferhead/Original Sufferhead
De La Soul/Timeless/Jenifa (Taught Me)
Meters/Funkify Your Life:The Anthology/Tippi-Toes
Les McCann & Eddie Harris/Black power:Music of a Revolution/Compared To What?
Nina Simone/Remixed & Reimagined/Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter
Staple Singers/Black Power:Music of a Revolution/Respect Yourself

Basie for Chris, Hot Chocolate for Warren, Fela (twist my arm) for Jennifer; thanks to Joe & Steve for callin' too!

BE SURE to check out WUSB's shows in this slot - Rochelle's Midnight Invasion, of course & also Rich's Local Insomniac Music featuring ALL local artists ALL the time, alternating weeks. Dig it!

FINN'S REVOLUTION! playlist 2/19/08

Vampire Weekend/Mansford Park/Mansford Park
Thao/We Brave Bee Stings and All/Bag Of Hammers
Super Furry Animals/Hey Venus!/Neo Consumer
The Apes/Ghost games/Practice Hiding
Valet/Naked Acid/Babylon 4 Eva
Atlas Sound/Atlas Sound/Cold As Ice
Einsturzende Neubauten/Alles Wieder Offen/Let's Do It a Dada
Blinders/Bold Beginnings:An Incomplete Collection of Louisville Punk/Honey Hush
Jeremy Jay/Airwalker/Angels On The Balcony
Blondie/Greatest Hits/Denis
Michael Hurley/Ancestral Swamp/Streets of Laredo
Maximum Joy/Disco Not Disco 2/Silent Street-Silent Dub
Pants Yell!/Alison Statton/Alison Statton
Young Marble Giants/Colossal Youth/Wurlitzer Jukebox
Nick Lowe/Jesus of Cool/And So It Goes
Radiohead/In Rainbows/Jigsaw Falling Into Place
Beefbone Music/Criminalized/Thank You Karl Marx
Velvet Underground/White Light White Heat/The Gift
Times New Viking/Rip It Off/Teen Drama
The Big Sleep/Sleep Forever/Slow Race
Beastie Boys/The Mix-Up/14th Street Break
Tenniscoats/Tan-Tan Therapy/Rolling Train
Cat Power/Jukebox/Silver Stallion
Yeasayer/All Hour Cymbals/2080
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis/The Assassination of Jesse James sndtrk/Song For Bob
Jonny Greenwood/There Will Be Blood/There Will Be Blood
Magnetic Fields/Distortion/Too Drunk Too Dream

Yo, ALL new (except Blondie)! and 'hanx for the calls!

Friday, February 15, 2008

FINN'S REVOLUTION! 2/12/08 Playlist & Spiel

XIU XIU/Women As Lovers/Under Pressure
BABYLON DANCE BAND/Bold Beginnings/Comes Change
DELTA 5/Disco Not Disco Volume 2/Mind Your Own Business
BOX/Studio 1/Untitled 11
KEVIN COYNE/Pillows & Prayers/Love In Your Heart
BLACK MOUNTAIN/In The Future/Stormy High
WHITE RAINBOW/The Second Marriage Records Compilation/January 30th, 2006
ANIMAL COLLECTIVE/Strawberry Jam/Fireworks
BELLE & SEBASTION/Juno Soundtrack/Expectations
THAO/We Brave Bee Stings All/Beat (Health, Life & Fire)
B. FLEISCHMANN/A Number Of Small Things: A Collection Of Morr Music Singles From 2001-2007/Nico
TENNISCOATS/Tan-Tan Therapy/Marui Hito
CAT POWER/Jukebox/Ramblin' (Wo)Man
FOOD/Molecular Gastronomy/Khymos
ORNETTE COLEMAN/Change Of The Century/Ramblin'
CEPIA/Natura Morta/Clayface
KODE 9/Box Of Dub 2/Stung
SHELBY LYNNE/Just A Little Lovin'/The Look Of Love
LOREN CONNORS/As Roses Bow: Collected Airs 1992-2002/Moonyean
SIGUR ROS/Harf-Heim/Samskeyti
MIKE BONES/The Sky Behind The Sea/Pope John Paul
SKREAM/Soul Jazz Singles 2006-2007/Pass The Red Stripe
BRENDA RAY/Walatta/Starlight
ROBYN HITCHCOCK/I Wanna Go Backwards/The Man Who Invented Himself

All tunes are new releases except Ornette (which I just had to hear!), the Animal Collective (which was a request from caller Jeff - but it's damn close to being a new release, anyway) and the soundtrack and comps, which are new releases but feature previously released tunes (Juno, Robyn, Connors, Skream, Disco Not Disco 2, & the Fleischmann).
Thanks to Jeff, Steve, Jennifer & Barbara for calling in with comments/chat/requests!

Once again, I strongly urge you locals to check out Niko's Color Show @ Gallery 4222 in Port Jefferson as it's only there another 2 weeks or so.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

FINN'S REVOLUTION! Playlist 2/5/08 & NIKO interview

Six Degrees of Admittance/Shelter From The Ash/Alone With The Alone
The Pillbugs/Monclovia/Make Like Arthur Lee
Love/Forever Changes/Alone Again Or
Shelby Lynne/Just A Little Lovin'/Just A Little Lovin'
Dusty Springfield/Dusty In Memphis/Just A Little Lovin'
Loren Connors/As Roses Grow: Collected Airs/Air For Bobby Sands And The Hunger Strikers
Emily Jane White/Dark Undercoat/Bessie Smith
Bob Dylan & The Band/The Basement Tapes/Bessie Smith
Bessie Smith/Complete, Volume 1/'Taint Nobody's Bizness If I Do
Cat Power/Jukebox/Aretha, Sing One For Me
Valet/The Second Marriage Records Compilation/Fire
Fred Thomas/Flood/Sunburn Peel
Dopestyle/The Little Happy & Fool's Pool/The Little Happy
The Griefs/Throwing A Tempo Tantrum/All Over Again
Digital Mystikz/Soul Jazz Singles 2006-2007/Misty Winter

INTERVIEW with local artist NIKO DE MARIA. NIKO'S COLOR SHOW is going on at GALLERY 4222 in Port Jefferson, one o me favorite joints. CHECK IT:

Capracara/Soul Jazz Singles 2006-2007/Opal Rush
The Whitsundays/The Whitsundays/Loralee
Daniel "Metempsychotic" Higgs/Metempsychotic Melodies/Leontocephaline Rhapsody
Badawi Quintet featuring Raz Mesinai/Unit Of Resistance/Market Place
The Battle Of Land And Sea/The Battle Of Land And Sea/Six Days
Rany Newman/iTunes download only/A Few Words In Defense Of My Country
Citay/Little Kingdom/First Fantasy
Randy Newman/Bad Love/My Country

thanks to Jeff, Jeff, Debbie, Maria, Linda & WUSB's own Gerry Riemer for calling in.