Tuesday, January 15, 2008

FINN'S REVOLUTION! playlist 1/15/08

The Eat/It's Not The Eat, It's The Humidity/Communist Radio
Ray Charles/Genius & Soul/Let The Good Times Roll
Brenda Ray/Walatta/Everybody's Talkin'
Peeps of Soulfunk/Tribb To JB/Funky President
James Brown/Star Time/Funky President
Hisato Higuchi/Butterfly Horse Street/Guitar Six
David Greenberger and 3 Leg Torso/Whispers, Grins, Bloodloss & Handshakes/Buddy
Cepia/Natura Morta/The Undeniable Bend
Gilberto Gil/Brazil '70/O Canto da Ema
Videohippos/Unbeast The Leash/Wages of Fear
Bob Dylan/Dylan/I Can't Wait (Live)
Devendra Banhart/Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon/Seahorse
Radiohead/In Rainbows/All I Need
Dri/Smoke Rings/Indria
Charles Mingus/Trio/I Can't Get Started
Ragga Twins/Rumble In The Jungle/Ragga Trip
Robyn Hitchcock/Groovy Decay/America
Electric Bird Noise/fragile hearts...fragile minds/Moments Like Last Night Make Me Wanna Believe in Ghost
David Byrne/The Knee Plays/In The Upper Room
Randy Newman/Bad Love/The World Isn't Fair
Thin Lizzy/Dedication/Whiskey In The Jar
The Clash/Combat Rock/Carjamming
The Cranks//In My Car
Shane MacGowan & The Popes/The Rare Oul' Stuff/Cracklin' Rosie

Cheers! Finn

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