Friday, February 15, 2008

FINN'S REVOLUTION! 2/12/08 Playlist & Spiel

XIU XIU/Women As Lovers/Under Pressure
BABYLON DANCE BAND/Bold Beginnings/Comes Change
DELTA 5/Disco Not Disco Volume 2/Mind Your Own Business
BOX/Studio 1/Untitled 11
KEVIN COYNE/Pillows & Prayers/Love In Your Heart
BLACK MOUNTAIN/In The Future/Stormy High
WHITE RAINBOW/The Second Marriage Records Compilation/January 30th, 2006
ANIMAL COLLECTIVE/Strawberry Jam/Fireworks
BELLE & SEBASTION/Juno Soundtrack/Expectations
THAO/We Brave Bee Stings All/Beat (Health, Life & Fire)
B. FLEISCHMANN/A Number Of Small Things: A Collection Of Morr Music Singles From 2001-2007/Nico
TENNISCOATS/Tan-Tan Therapy/Marui Hito
CAT POWER/Jukebox/Ramblin' (Wo)Man
FOOD/Molecular Gastronomy/Khymos
ORNETTE COLEMAN/Change Of The Century/Ramblin'
CEPIA/Natura Morta/Clayface
KODE 9/Box Of Dub 2/Stung
SHELBY LYNNE/Just A Little Lovin'/The Look Of Love
LOREN CONNORS/As Roses Bow: Collected Airs 1992-2002/Moonyean
SIGUR ROS/Harf-Heim/Samskeyti
MIKE BONES/The Sky Behind The Sea/Pope John Paul
SKREAM/Soul Jazz Singles 2006-2007/Pass The Red Stripe
BRENDA RAY/Walatta/Starlight
ROBYN HITCHCOCK/I Wanna Go Backwards/The Man Who Invented Himself

All tunes are new releases except Ornette (which I just had to hear!), the Animal Collective (which was a request from caller Jeff - but it's damn close to being a new release, anyway) and the soundtrack and comps, which are new releases but feature previously released tunes (Juno, Robyn, Connors, Skream, Disco Not Disco 2, & the Fleischmann).
Thanks to Jeff, Steve, Jennifer & Barbara for calling in with comments/chat/requests!

Once again, I strongly urge you locals to check out Niko's Color Show @ Gallery 4222 in Port Jefferson as it's only there another 2 weeks or so.


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