Tuesday, February 19, 2008

FINN'S REVOLUTION! playlist 2/19/08

Vampire Weekend/Mansford Park/Mansford Park
Thao/We Brave Bee Stings and All/Bag Of Hammers
Super Furry Animals/Hey Venus!/Neo Consumer
The Apes/Ghost games/Practice Hiding
Valet/Naked Acid/Babylon 4 Eva
Atlas Sound/Atlas Sound/Cold As Ice
Einsturzende Neubauten/Alles Wieder Offen/Let's Do It a Dada
Blinders/Bold Beginnings:An Incomplete Collection of Louisville Punk/Honey Hush
Jeremy Jay/Airwalker/Angels On The Balcony
Blondie/Greatest Hits/Denis
Michael Hurley/Ancestral Swamp/Streets of Laredo
Maximum Joy/Disco Not Disco 2/Silent Street-Silent Dub
Pants Yell!/Alison Statton/Alison Statton
Young Marble Giants/Colossal Youth/Wurlitzer Jukebox
Nick Lowe/Jesus of Cool/And So It Goes
Radiohead/In Rainbows/Jigsaw Falling Into Place
Beefbone Music/Criminalized/Thank You Karl Marx
Velvet Underground/White Light White Heat/The Gift
Times New Viking/Rip It Off/Teen Drama
The Big Sleep/Sleep Forever/Slow Race
Beastie Boys/The Mix-Up/14th Street Break
Tenniscoats/Tan-Tan Therapy/Rolling Train
Cat Power/Jukebox/Silver Stallion
Yeasayer/All Hour Cymbals/2080
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis/The Assassination of Jesse James sndtrk/Song For Bob
Jonny Greenwood/There Will Be Blood/There Will Be Blood
Magnetic Fields/Distortion/Too Drunk Too Dream

Yo, ALL new (except Blondie)! and 'hanx for the calls!

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